Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ideas Worth Spreading
Whether it be an inspirational speech or an art project that involves 20000 people, you will find somthing interesting on TED.

One of my favourites:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The U.S and its war on.... Pirates?

After sailing yacht 'Quest' was boarded by somali pirates two days ago by somali pirates, U.S Navy crewmen boarded the yacht only to find the four sailors of the ship dead. the captured Pirates will be tried in a U.S court of law. You know somthing is fucked in the system when People as young as fifteen are taking up rifles to hold up ships in one of the most popular shipping lanes in the world.

Also the trailer for Pirates of the Carribean 4 came out a few days ago. check it out if you havn't already. I wonder What a Somali version of this would be like?
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Who wants to buy A new country?
Ill be right back to posting once they finish building my floating island.......

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day of rage

Protesters in Libya have defied a security crackdown and taken to the streets in four cities for a "day of rage," inspired by uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. New York-based Human Rights Watch said that Libyan authorities had detained 14 activists, writers and protesters who had been preparing the anti-government protests. Abdullah, an eyewitness in Benghazi, told Al Jazeera that he saw six unarmed protesters shot dead by police on Thursday.
He also claimed that the government released 30 people from jail, paying and arming them to fight people in the street.
Libya has been tightly controlled for over 40 years by Gaddafi, who is now Africa's longest-serving leader.
According to reports on Twitter, the microblogging site, Libya's regime had been sending text messages to people warning them that live bullets will be fired if they join today's protests.

In a country where public dissent is rare, plans for Thursday's protests were being circulated by anonymous activists on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
One Facebook group urging a "Day of Anger" in Libya, which had 4,400 members on Monday, saw that number more than double to 9,600 by Wednesday.

Social media sites were reportedly blocked for several hours through the afternoon, but access was restored in the evening.
Al Jazeera is understood to have been taken off the state-owned cable TV network, but is still reportedly available on satellite networks.
People posting messages on opposition site, which is based outside Libya, urged Libyans to protest.
"From every square in our beloved country, people should all come together in one city and one square to make this regime and its supporters afraid, and force them to run away because they are cowards," said a post on the website.

This guy got off with some rubber buckshot but i think Libiya will have more than a few bruises before this is over.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

If these trees could talk

So, i recently came across a band called If these trees Could Talk, a post-rock instrumental band from Akron, Ohio, and there a pretty interesting group, especially after seeing this video:
It got me thinking, if trees could talk, what would they say? would the pines of the red forest condemn us? what about the forests of Bourneo say? or the giant redwoods of Canada?
 leave your opinions in the comments below

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Post!

As a human being i feel the need to express myself. i will not be doing that through this blog however. that is what is for. This blog, will be entirely devoted to news from around the world, such as global warming, riots, and any interesting story that affects the human race or somthing to get you thinking. this is NOT "OMG JONAS BROTHERS CONCERT SOON XDDDD" or "i am so depressed guys look at me i have teen issues." this blog is things taht make you think, debate on, and show our flaws and achievement as human beings.

Somthing to interest you while I find subject matter: