Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mind-controlled planes, microwave guns and Quantum computers.

Today is a proud day for science fiction fans everywhere, as a staple part of sci fi is made real.
The very first commercial Quantum Computer, produced by D-Wave Systems, was sold to Lockheed Martin, one of the biggest security firms in the world. Lockheed is behind some of the most interesting technological advancements of the last few years, creating everything from exoskeletons that can allow regular people to lift tremendous weights, non-lethal weapons, such as tasers and microwave guns, (although I beleive Raytheon is currently beating Lockheed Martin in the microwave gun area-

anyways back to quantum computers. The computer itself is a towering 3m black monolith known as D-Wave One. Rumor has it the new computer will be used for building better stealth aircraft, and integrating pilots into planes better, as current controls are too finnicky apparently. Mind-controlled planes are just the begginings of what this thing can achieve though, and Lockheed Martin are definitely going to push this thing to the limits.

deja - vu of other large computer systems????