Thursday, February 17, 2011

If these trees could talk

So, i recently came across a band called If these trees Could Talk, a post-rock instrumental band from Akron, Ohio, and there a pretty interesting group, especially after seeing this video:
It got me thinking, if trees could talk, what would they say? would the pines of the red forest condemn us? what about the forests of Bourneo say? or the giant redwoods of Canada?
 leave your opinions in the comments below


  1. Hey, I'm close to Akron. Cool song, also put commas in between each of your "Labels" otherwise it only counts as 1 large term instead multiple separate ones. Also you should turn Captcha off, it discourages people from commenting. Instead use Comment Moderation.

  2. Very interesting subject. I often wonder such things myself. Also, I checked out that band and I can dig it, man. Keep up the good blogs.

  3. Hey man, nice post. I think that people have taken for granted what we have an in the end we're just going to screw each other over. Seriously, without trees where will we get our oxygen? Looking forward to your next post.